Objectives of the RAIFFET

The sector of technical and vocational education in Africa is expanding. To pursue its harmonious development, it must implement an appropriate policy: the establishment of a network is a way to provide actors (trainers, students, administrators) with training and an environment conducive to the development of their skills. adaptation to national, regional and international contexts. This policy must also make it possible to match training, research and service activities to the needs of the communities, the African society of today and tomorrow, and the imperatives of solidarity and international cooperation. It is in this perspective that ENSET and other African counterpart institutions have set up the African Network of Training Institutions for Trainers of Technical Education (RAIFFET) . The mission of RAIFFET is to promote cooperation and solidarity between the institutions working for the training of trainers in technical and vocational education, with a view to contributing to the improvement of the quality of teaching, professionalisation, skills development and research. It aims as objectives:

  • Create a space for exchanging scientific information,
  • Technical and technological, relationship, collaboration and joint actions between institutions of training of technical and vocational education trainers in Africa and in the world;
  • Develop national and regional institutional capacities to promote regional centers of excellence in network member institutions in the field of technical and vocational education;
  • Contribute to the development of research in education / training by increasing the exchange of scientific information, the development of training and evaluation tools;
  • Promote the dissemination of information and communication practices relevant to decision-making to guide education and training policies in the areas of technical and vocational education and training of trainers.

The network works with the following three bodies:

  • Steering Committee;
  • Scientific Council
  • The Operational and Strategic Cell.

Dynamic # RAIFFET2014

A new dynamic marked by several important decisions closed the general meeting of the 2014 RAIFFET. It will allow greater efficiency for a growing and growing network.

The RAIFFET 2014 resolutions:

  1. Create a Local by Country
  2. Create scientific interest groups (4)
  3. Dynamize inter-conference space time
  4. Improve the applicability of searches.
  5. Create a direct link between Research and Society
  6. Propose theses and accompany PhDs after the thesis
  7. Representation of each group of countries in each cluster
  8. Create an indexed journal
  9. Boost the responses to calls for tender and calls with sou @ in financial

Download the resolutions .

Actions and Training

The African Network of Training Institutions for Technical Education Trainers has since its inception organized several scientific events namely: colloquia, seminars and conferences.

He has also led several other actions in the direction of promoting, valorizing and developing research in technological and professional education. But also in strengthening the capacity of training of trainers of technical and vocational education in Africa.

To his credit, RAIFFET has already carried out several actions, the main ones being:

  • Organization of International Symposia with publication of the proceedings: Libreville in 2005, Tunis in 2008, Dakar in 2011, Marrakech in 2014.
  • Organization of Seminars: Rabat in July 2009, Dakar in 2010.
  • Support to institutions and support to young researchers.
  • Promotion of technological education in secondary schools in Africa.
  • Organization of seminars on the integration of ICTs in the service of the training of trainers (issues and perspectives).
  • Bringing together technology training curricula from Western and Central African countries.

Rich with a potential of high-level academics, complemented by professionals recognized experts in their field, the Raiffet offers interventions of expertise, audits and training of very high quality.

  • Training actions carried out by the Raiffet Network
  • Creation of the master plan for Gabonese higher education in 2010
  • Mission of expertise: reconstruction of the Gabonese education system in 2010
  • Drafting of a proposal for a law on the orientation of education in Gabon in 2010
  • Proposal for action: Creation of a University of Education in Gabon in 2010
  • Training in Industrial Maintenance done in 2012 – 2013 for executives of SEEG, heads of production units in Gabon.
  • ITO’s Human Capital Capacity Building in 2014.
  • Capacity building through the creation of a center of expertise. Training to come in 2014 – 2015 for the executives of the Ministry of Petroleum.


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